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steel slotted angle bar
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steel slotted angle bar

Steel slotted angle bar for shelving

Product Model: SAS0607
Aceally offers various sizes of angle bar that can be used for your warehouse shelving system, DIY shelving.
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Steel slotted angle bar

Metal angles are commonly used to construct bicycle frames, bed frames, motor mounts and many other useful features. 

Common types of angles include: flat angles, flat offset holes, punched full, slotted full and slotted offset holes.

Slotted angles are commonly used for metal racks, storage racks, garage door track frames and corner braces. 

Angles are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can be cut to suit your specific job requirements.

Slotted iron angle features

1. unique construction:  Angle bars can be assembled easily with corner plate and screws.

2. flexibility: There is one hole for each inch of angLe bar, users can fix and assemble according to users' requirement.

3. Versatile steel slotted angle is generally used to make simple shelves and temporary shelters in warehouses. The outstanding advantage and convenience is it can be connected with screws, and without welding.




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