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Medium Duty Storage Cantilever Racking
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Medium Duty Storage Cantilever Racking

Warehouse Medium Duty Storage Cantilever Racking

Product Model: CTR003
Cantilever racking,high storage density, stable construction, high quality and low price. Welcome to order!
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Warehouse Medium Duty Storage Cantilever Racking

Breaf Introduction

    •  Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long, irregular and mixed loads, heavy items such as wood boards,tubes,cars, building materials,coils.

    •  Improve safety, Maximize storage space, Handle large items faster.

    •  Set up bespoke storage to suits your needs.Safe and orderly storage of long or large products

    •  Maximum utilisation of horizontal space, Good for both indoor and outdoor use

      The length of the shelf and the distance between the profiles can be adjusted depending on the load

    •  Maximizes your warehouse space, Ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items 

Features & Advantages

    •  The uprights, feet and arms are made up of IPE euro profiles
    •  The most recent software technologies are used to ensure an efficient design
    •  Fit for keeping and tidy long and narrow goods
    •  Appropriated for working of forklifts
    •  Easy installation and complete accessories

cantilever racking system

cantilever racking system


Height of Cantilever racks column up to 12 meters

Available Cantilever arms from 500 Kg to 3tn of loading support.

Available cantilever arms from 500mm up to 2.500mm. of length.

Cantilever rack with adjustable arms each 100mm in height.

Hot dip galvanized finishing or polyester coating for exterior installations

Cantilever racks designed for the use of stackers, counterbalance trucks, side loading trucks and cranes.

In order to improve the use of space and reduce the working walkway size, the cantilever racks are usually used with guide rail for side loading trucks.

Continuous storage systems for cantilever racks, which is the perfect solution in dimension for those non homogenous loading units.

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