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Why are fluency shelves getting more and more attention

Fluency shelf, also known as sliding shelf, adopts fluency strips such as roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal, and takes goods from one channel and the other channel by using the self weight of the goods bench, so as to realize first in first out, convenient storage, and one replenishment and multiple pickup. High storage efficiency, suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. The commonly used sliding containers include turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons, which are suitable for large quantities of goods and short-term storage and picking. Therefore, fluency shelves are paid more and more attention. 

Reasons why fluency shelves are getting more and more attention: 

1. Fluency shelves are evolved from crossbeam shelves and medium-sized shelves. Fluency bars are added between the front and rear beams of the shelves, with an angle of about 4-5 degrees. The goods mainly rely on their own weight and automatically slide from the high end to the low end. Compared with other ordinary shelves, the structure of fluency shelves can meet the requirements of first in first out, so as to improve work efficiency. 

2. The fluency bar of the fluency rack is directly connected to the front and rear beams and the middle support beams. The beams are directly hung on the pillars like other racks. The installation inclination angle of the fluency bar usually depends on the size and weight of the cargo box and the depth of the fluency rack. The bearing capacity of the fluency bar roller is 6kg / piece. When the goods are heavy, 3-4 fluency bars can be installed in one slide. The brake pad can be installed at the cargo take-off end every 0.6 meters to reduce the strength of the impact pad when it is installed at the cargo take-off end. 

3. Fluency shelves include medium-sized fluency shelves and heavy-duty fluency shelves according to different layer loads. Medium-sized fluency shelves are generally three or four columns, with a depth of about 1.2m or 2m, while heavy fluency shelves are generally two or three columns, with a depth of about 1.5m or 2m.

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