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What storage shelves are suitable for use with pallets

Pallet is one of the necessary storage supporting equipment in modern logistics transportation. It is usually used together with storage shelves. So what modern storage shelves are suitable for use with pallets? Here are some common shelf types in today's enterprise warehouse! 

1、 Beam tray shelf Beam shelf is a kind of pallet storage shelf widely used. This kind of shelf takes pallet as the storage unit, and two to three pallets can be placed on each cargo space. Crossbeam tray has high space utilization, flexible and convenient access. 

2、 Drive in tray rack Pallets can also be placed on the drive in shelf for combined use. Because the drive in shelf is a whole shelf that is not separated independently, the use of pallets will reduce many obstacles and greatly improve the storage space. 

3、 Gravity pallet shelf Gravity shelf is to add a roller line on the conventional shelf and place the pallet on the shelf. The pallet will slide from the incoming end to the outgoing end by gravity. At this time, the forklift can take away the pallet. 

4、 Shuttle pallet shelf 

The shuttle shelf is a new type of shelf system. Placing a pallet on the shuttle car can quickly transport the goods to the designated position, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor force. 

The combined use of shelves and pallets greatly increases the efficiency of storage and plays a certain role in transportation. The correct use will often get twice the result with half the effort.

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