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Precautions during storage

When the storage cage is used for the production, storage and transportation of goods, it is often carried out for many times under very severe conditions, so as to ensure that the goods and packaging can be kept intact to the greatest extent during the turnover and transportation, reduce the loss, reduce the trouble of replacing packaging in the turnover, and directly use mechanized transportation to improve the speed of logistics. The storage cage can provide good packaging for some large items, directly reduce the storage and transportation cost and reduce the damage of items for enterprises. At the same time, the service life and reusability of storage cages greatly reduce the packaging cost of enterprises (compared with traditional packaging). 

1、 Storage cage deployment 

Two people are required to operate a folded storage cage. The process is as follows: two people stand on both sides of the storage cage, first erect the front mesh, then erect the connected side mesh and rear mesh, reverse the two side meshes and insert them into the base of the storage cage, and finally insert the door bolt. 

The four corners of the unfolded and installed warehouse cage should be flat and symmetrical. If there is any unevenness, do not use it. 

2、Put items 

Open the door bolt of the warehouse cage and put down the upper folding door to place the articles. However, when the overall size of the warehouse cage is certain, the size and weight of the stored articles depend on the specification of the warehouse cage (steel wire thickness, bottom plate U-groove thickness and grid density). 

Some objects that cannot be bumped or whose surface is easy to be scratched (such as some plastic parts, sheet metal parts after surface coating, etc.) can also be stored in the warehouse cage, but the Wantong board or cardboard must be added on the inner wall of the warehouse cage to protect the objects from damage. 

When placing articles into the warehouse cage, considering the size of the upper warehouse cage foot during stacking, the best height for storing articles should be 3cm lower than the edge of the warehouse cage. It is strictly prohibited to store articles higher than the edge of the warehouse cage, otherwise the articles in the lower warehouse cage will be damaged by forklift when handling the warehouse cage.

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