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  • Why are fluency shelves getting more and more attention
  • Post Time:5/11/2022
  • Fluency shelf, also known as sliding shelf, adopts fluency strips such as roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal, and takes goods from one channel and the other channel by using the self weight of the goods bench, so as to realize first in first out, convenient storage, and one replenishment and multiple pickup. High storage efficiency, suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. The commonly used sliding containers include turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons, ......
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  • Are you looking for racking
  • Post Time:4/29/2022
  • There are several types of warehouse racking types, which are also known as pallet racks or materials handling systems. These racking systems are combined with metal, wooden or plastic pallets to form shelves of different levels. Goods placed on these racks for storage are then supported by decking bases, which comes in different widths. It is common to find that warehouse racking stacked as tall as several feet high and requires forklifts for the loading process. Various warehouse racking t......
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  • What storage shelves are suitable for use with pallets
  • Post Time:4/26/2022
  • Pallet is one of the necessary storage supporting equipment in modern logistics transportation. It is usually used together with storage shelves. So what modern storage shelves are suitable for use with pallets? Here are some common shelf types in today's enterprise warehouse! 1、 Beam tray shelfBeam shelf is a kind of pallet storage shelf widely used. This kind of shelf takes pallet as the storage unit, and two to three pallets can be placed on each cargo space. Crossbeam tray has high space ......
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  • Introduction of shuttle rack
  • Post Time:4/21/2022
  • As a shelf rising in recent years, shuttle shelf has been more and more recognized by customers, and the market prospect is very strong. Today, I'd like to introduce shuttle shelf to you. The shuttling of the shuttle shelf comes from his auxiliary tool shuttle truck. Its structural form is very similar to our traditional through shelf, and it also evolved from the through shelf. Only the action of the through shelf to drive the forklift into the shelf channel is replaced by the shuttle truck......
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  • What is double depth storage shelf
  • Post Time:4/19/2022
  • Double depth storage shelf is an upgraded version of heavy-duty shelf. It is a shelf extended from heavy-duty shelf. In fact, its structure is very simple. The reason why this kind of shelf was born is to cooperate with special forklift. Compared with the ordinary shelf, the double depth shelf saves a forklift channel, so in the same warehouse area, the double depth shelf can store more products. In general, it is suitable for companies with more goods to use with corresponding forklifts. F......
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  • Five principles to be followed when storing goods on storage shelves
  • Post Time:4/14/2022
  • There are many kinds of storage shelves. At present, the commonly used shelves include medium-sized shelves, beam shelves, through shelves, shuttle shelves, cantilever shelves, attic shelves, fluency shelves, etc. these shelves should follow the following five principles in operation and use: 1. Anti shelf overload: during the design and manufacture of storage shelves, the shelf manufacturer will select materials and set a rated load according to the load. During the storage of goods, the we......
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  • Use and composition structure of heavy beam shelf
  • Post Time:4/12/2022
  • Storage shelves are characterized by high safety system, less pollution, and convenient cleaning and maintenance; Good processability, the adopted layer is very uniform, it is not easy to decolorize, and it has good durability, good load-bearing and corrosion resistance; The bearing capacity is large, the steel is good, and the strength is also very high. Now let's introduce the use and structure of heavy beam shelf. Welcome to read! Use of heavy cross beam shelves: Heavy shelves are also k......
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  • Features of angle steel shelf
  • Post Time:4/8/2022
  • The key point of slotted angle steel shelf lies in its free combination, convenient disassembly, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamping, easy adjustment and transformation. It can be equipped with MDF cargo steel laminates according to different load, the column is angle steel, and the height of the laminate can be adjusted up and down at a pitch of 50mm. The cost of angle steel shelf is low, safe and reliable. The top layer and bottom layer of shelf are connected with column by doub......
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  • How to check the storage shelf equipments you buy
  • Post Time:4/6/2022
  • There are many racks , and many storefronts with shelves, but when we buy racks or shelving, how should we check them? When it comes to this problem, people who buy shelves are stumped. , because they don't know how to carry out the acceptance of the shelves, but in the rack industry, there is a standard for the acceptance of the racks, so what is its standard? The first step: confirm whether the received shelves are delivered according to the order, all kinds of accessories are complete, th......
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  • What details should we pay attention to when transporting heavy shelves?
  • Post Time:3/31/2022
  • As a heavy commodity in all shelves, heavy shelves are mostly used in some storage, industrial commodity equipment and so on. What special requirements do heavy shelves have in the process of transportation? Presumably, this is also a question that many people want to know. Generally speaking, heavy shelves need to grasp the special requirements of transportation volume, transportation equipment and transportation route in the transportation process.1. Transportation volumeBecause the goods belo......
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  • Precautions during storage
  • Post Time:3/29/2022
  • When the storage cage is used for the production, storage and transportation of goods, it is often carried out for many times under very severe conditions, so as to ensure that the goods and packaging can be kept intact to the greatest extent during the turnover and transportation, reduce the loss, reduce the trouble of replacing packaging in the turnover, and directly use mechanized transportation to improve the speed of logistics. The storage cage can provide good packaging for some large ite......
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  • The role of heavy duty shelves
  • Post Time:3/24/2022
  • In practice, the use of heavy-duty shelf is becoming more and more widely, which has been used in more industries. It can be said that the utilization rate of the same type of products is higher. All in all, heavy shelves have many uses. Here is to introduce the use of heavy shelf. 1. Store heavy items Heavy shelf can be used to store a lot of heavy goods, this type of shelf load-bearing capacity is very large, in the process of use is not easy to appear deformation and other phenomena, it......
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  • Some tips for gravity shelf maintenance
  • Post Time:3/22/2022
  • 1. The newly made gravity shelves should be scrubbed and dried frequently. Because there is residual dirt around it, these things will disappear in the process of your regular scrubbing, and then you need to help him blow dry, and it will gradually become brighter and brighter, especially for the display cabinet with glass on the surface. 2. Anti collision protection. The most easily damaged parts of gravity shelves are the columns at the passage and corners, which are usually deformed due t......
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  • How should the attic shelf be maintained daily
  • Post Time:3/18/2022
  • Attic type shelf is to use the shelf system to build a second floor or multi-storey attic system in the warehouse or plant, so as to create more usable space. Attic shelves can meet the requirements of customers in precise size, weight, color and other aspects. At present, attic shelves are widely used in electronics, home textile and other industries., It has become one of the necessary products for warehousing. As warehouse managers, we not only need to understand the convenience brought by ......
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  • Fluent shelves are superior to other types of shelves
  • Post Time:3/15/2022
  • With the improvement of people's living productivity and economic level, people's demand for many commodities will be higher and higher. Now many enterprises hope to reach the balance of revenue and expenditure of market economy, so they must be able to carry out a large number of production and manufacturing, but now the storage of many enterprises is actually a big problem and a very key problem. If you can find a very suitable fluent shelf, it will be of great help to the development of man......
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